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This site was created so that you can personally experience what your website could look like. You can explore the site via the menu up above and see how each mojoPortal feature would look on your website if you installed Swift Blue.

About Swift Blue

SwiftBlue is the first in a series of template skins developed by i7MEDIA for mojoPortal. SwiftBlue has been created with semantics-friendly HTML5 Markup and utilizes many of mojoPortals awesome customization features to achieve this with as little work for the user as possible. For instance, all blog posts are automatically wrapped in Articles and the blog Nav is automatically wrapped in an Aside. The user can post like they normally would without worrying about semantics, and their posts will be wrapped in HTML5 Markup for them!

As with all i7MEDIA Skins, SwiftBlue has detailed style for every feature found in mojoPortal, most notably for the Event Calendar, Event Calendar Pro, Blog, Forums, Feed manager, and jPlayer Media Players.

SwiftBlue is provided free-of-charge and shared under a Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 license.

You can purchase a license for permission to remove the i7MEDIA branding from the skin.

More on HTML5

HTML5 is the newest evolution of the Hyper Text Mark-up language which is the programming structure used by almost every website on the web. Its use is important in many ways, especially for the future of web semantics and Search Engine Optimization, which will make your site more noticeable on the web. Unlike many mojoPortal skins, Swift Blue is HTML5 compliant.

Check out this article for more info: What is HTML5 anyways?

Interested in learning a lot more about HTML5? Check out HTML5Doctor

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